Five Major Performance of Doors and Windows

The most important functions of doors and windows are a variety of “block”, such as blocking noise, wind, rain, heat, etc. How to achieve it? It’s nothing more than “sealed”. Therefore, when we choose doors and windows, we must first consider the sound insulation performance, wind pressure resistance, water tightness, air tightness, and heat insulation performance of doors and windows.

Sound insulation performance

I believe that owners who live in downtown areas or roadside areas know how important sound insulation is. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy doors and windows with good sound insulation generally use hollow double-layer glass, which can reduce outdoor noise to a certain extent.

Wind pressure resistance

The so-called wind pressure resistance means that when the doors and windows are closed, they will not be damaged or loosened due to wind pressure. This is very important for owners who live in high-rise buildings or are often exposed to strong winds.

Watertight performance

As the name suggests, watertight performance refers to preventing rainwater leakage. Therefore, when selecting, try to choose doors and windows with drainage design, which can eliminate the erosion of rainwater to the greatest extent and prevent leakage.

Air tightness

Air-tightness and water-tightness are similar, one prevents pollutants and the other prevents rain. For areas with poor air quality, you not only need to pay attention when purchasing, but also require experienced masters during installation. Qualified installation is also very important for the performance of doors and windows.

Thermal insulation performance

Many people will pay special attention to the above four points of door and window performance when choosing, but few people will pay attention to the thermal insulation of doors and windows. This is reflected in the value of energy saving when using air conditioners for cooling or heating.