8 Tips for Purchasing Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows

(1) Purchase aluminum alloy doors and windows from regular manufacturers

Generally speaking, for doors and windows produced by regular manufacturers, information such as product name, product model or mark, manufacturer name or trademark, manufacturing date or serial number, etc., will be marked on the doors and windows in a prominent position. We can catch them easily and clearly.

(2) The materials of doors and windows must be qualified

For aluminum alloy doors and windows, the country certainly has some corresponding standards. For example, the wall thickness of aluminum profiles for aluminum alloy doors and windows should be more than 1.6mm, and the thickness of the oxide film should be no less than 10 microns. These standards are closely related to the watertightness and wind resistance of doors and windows.

(3) Doors and windows have good appearance and texture

The appearance is not just good-looking. The surface texture of aluminum alloy doors and windows will affect the overall decorative effect of the wall later. The surface of high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows should have no dents or bulges. The paint surface should be corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and high-gloss. There should be no obvious color difference on the colored surfaces of adjacent components. Be sure to avoid purchasing profiles with obvious defects such as cracks, burrs, and peeling on the surface.

(4) Try to choose double layers of glass

When choosing doors and windows, you cannot ignore the glass. We should pay attention to whether the installation of the glass is smooth and firm, and there is no looseness. The outer surface of double-layer insulating glass must be clean, and there must be no dust or water vapor in the interlayer. This is directly related to the sound insulation effect of doors and windows, as well as dustproof and waterproof performance.

(5) Don’t ignore door and window hardware

Many people unconsciously ignore the importance of hardware when purchasing doors and windows. For household facilities such as doors and windows that are frequently used every day, the quality of the hardware largely determines the experience and lifespan of the product. When purchasing, in addition to appearance, we should pay special attention to its quality.

However, ordinary people really don’t know much about accessories such as hardware (such as screws, hinges, handles, etc.). Therefore, Chuang Jushi recommends directly choosing the top brands. The reason is simple, because the quality of the hardware accessories they choose for doors and windows is more guaranteed.

(6) Choose according to your specific needs

When choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows, in addition to considering their own quality, you must also consider the actual conditions of the house. For example, if you want to make it more convenient to use, outward-opening casement windows are relatively more suitable for your needs. In addition, you should also consider whether to bring your own screens. If not, but you still need them, you should consider whether the optional screens, window grilles, and protective nets match the aluminum alloy doors and windows.

(7) Strictly fitting is a must

Everyone should know that the sealing of doors and windows is a must. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to pay great attention to the smooth contact between the sealing strip and the glass and the glass groove, and there should be no curling or degrooving problems. For doors and windows in a semi-closed state, there should be no obvious gap between the sash and the frame, and the sealing strip on the sealing surface should be in a compressed state. The overall air tightness is mainly reflected in whether the inner sash and outer frame structure of doors and windows are tight, and whether the aluminum alloy outdoor windows are tight and airtight.

(8) The mentality of “taking advantage” is unacceptable

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for, and when buying doors and windows, don’t be cheap. Therefore, do not choose products whose prices are obviously low, or even lower than the average market price, because of the mentality of “taking advantage”. Because you are very likely to encounter shoddy goods that cut corners and are shoddy.