Causes and elimination methods of concave and convex corrugation defects on aluminum profile

Causes of surface corrugation defects on aluminum profile:
1. the design of the length, proportion or cavity size of the aluminum profile extrusion die is seriously wrong, and the flow ratio is seriously disturbed.
2. aluminum extrusion dies work with angle of obstruction and angle of flow.
3. the difference of the drop ratio of the upper and lower die in the aluminum extrusion die.
4. die die work with parallel aluminum extrusion, a horn mouth.
5. the die resistance of the aluminum profile extrusion die is high on the flow table, blocking the work out with the material or drainage slot (size, depth, position).
6. aluminum profile extrusion die work belt outside the empty knife is too few, even does not have (the electric spark not to hit well) or too big (the work belt does not support to crack the distortion).
7. the new die or repaired aluminum extrusion die is difficult to produce because of the uneven grit, polishing and uneven working band.
8. part of aluminum extrusion work with oil.
9. the support pad is too small to hinder.
10. aluminum tail waves appear around 1m (V3 volume aluminum press).
Elimination methods:
1. the design and manufacture of qualified aluminum extrusion die is the key, and the mold factory should stop the defects of artificial mold processing.
2. the waves are serious, and they are treated by trimming, reforming, and returning.
3. die mold or repair of extrusion and waves, the first stick of low temperature slow extrusion, the middle can be suspended several times to squeeze, the purpose is to make the work with sticky metal filled, sometimes waves disappear naturally.
4. slight waves are handled by increasing the traction and increasing the amount of drawing.
5. slight wave changes the center of the cylinder to the center of the die surface, so that the aluminum content in the cylinder flows into the mold cavity to affect the flow velocity. This production is feasible as soon as possible. (not recommended)
6. the support pad is reasonable and the discharging is smooth.
7. at the end of 1m, the wave thickness is reduced and the extrusion speed is decreased. Or handle when stretched.
8. in the process of aluminum production, it is found that due to the slight abrasion of the die or the speed of the aluminum profile, it can be greased, Quenched and lubricated on the side of the smaller side of the die, the working belt and the side pad of the cushion pad. (pay attention to the inspection of the surface of the friction surface.)