Comparison of aluminum alloy template with traditional wood formwork

Wood plate: a template made of wood, usually of poplar and pine. The utility model has the advantages that the weight is relatively light, the price is relatively cheap, and the utility model does not have the limitation of modulus when in use, and can be processed according to the requirements. Disadvantages: the number of use is relatively small, there is a certain amount of wear and tear in the process of processing, the destruction of resources is large, the quality of the project is low.

Aluminum alloy template: aluminum template technology is made of integrally extruded aluminum template. The degree of the whole system of high standard, light weight, strong bearing capacity, with high precision, turnover frequency and high bearing capacity, wide application range, convenient construction, reduce construction personnel, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality of the construction. The utility model has the advantages of high recycling value and renewable utilization, and can completely achieve zero discharge of construction waste, and is suitable for various fields of the construction industry.