Description of the Defects and Solutions of 6063 Aluminum Alloy Extruded Profiles

  1. Scratches, scrapesand bruises are surface damages caused when the profile flows out of the die holes and comes into contact with tools, equipment, etc. in subsequent processes.

1) Main reasons:
When the homogenization treatment on the surface of the ingot is not effective, there are a certain number of hard metal particles in the ingot. When the metal flows through the work belt during the extrusion process, these floating objects or hard metal particles adhere to cause damages to or on the surface of the work belt, and ultimately scratches on the surface of the profile;

  • There are debris in the mold cavity or the working belt, and the hardness of the mold working belt is low, which causes the surface of the working belt to be injured during extrusion and scratch the profile;
  • There is exposed metal or hard inclusions in the graphite strips on the discharge track or swing bed, which will cause scratches on the surface of the profile when it comes into contact with the profile;
  • When the fork rod sends the profile from the discharging track to the swing bed, the profile is damaged due to excessive speed;
  • Abrasion caused by artificial dragging of the profile on the swing bed;
  • Damagescaused by friction or extrusion between profiles during transportation.

2) Solutions:

  • Strengthen the control of ingot quality;
  • Improve the quality of mold repair, regularly nitride the mold and strictly implement the nitriding process;

3) Use soft felt to isolate the profile from the auxiliary tools to minimize contact damage between the profiles and auxiliary tools;
4) Handle with care during production and try to avoid dragging or flipping profiles at will;
5) Place the profiles reasonably in the material frame and try to avoid friction with each other.

  1. Geometric dimensions are out of tolerance

1) Main reasons:

Due to unreasonable mold design or manufacturing errors, improper extrusion process, misalignment of the mold and extrusion barrel, unreasonable lubrication, etc., the flow velocity correlation at each point in the metal flow is too large, resulting in internal stress and deformation of the profile.

2) Solutions:

  • Reasonably design the mold to ensure mold accuracy;
  • Carry out the extrusion process correctly and set the extrusion temperature and extrusion speed reasonably;
  • Ensure the neutrality of the equipment;
  • Use moderate traction force and strictly control the amount of stretching and straightening of the profile.