Distinguish the magnesium alloy profiles are qualified or not

Aluminum alloy profiles can be divided into raw aluminum and cooked aluminum. Raw aluminum is less than 98% aluminum. It is relatively brittle and hard and can only be cast by sand casting. Ripe aluminum is more than 98% aluminum. Its nature is soft and can be rolled or Stamping and rolling many kinds of utensils. So which aluminum alloy profiles are inferior?

  1. Unqualified chemical composition. The cost of aluminum alloy profiles doped with a large amount of miscellaneous aluminum and scrap aluminum in the product will be greatly reduced, but it will lead to unqualified chemical composition of building aluminum alloy profiles. In serious cases, it will endanger the safety of construction projects.
  2. Inferior aluminum alloy profiles will greatly reduce the sealing time, reduce the loss of chemical reagents, and reduce costs, but the corrosion resistance of the profiles will also be greatly reduced.
  3. The thickness of the oxide film is thin. National standards stipulate that the oxide film thickness of building aluminum alloy profiles should be no less than 10um. If the thickness is not enough, the surface of the aluminum alloy profile will be prone to rust and corrosion. According to expert estimates, for every 1um reduction in oxide film thickness, the power consumption cost can be reduced by at least more than 150 yuan per ton of profiles. Unqualified aluminum alloy profiles will cause deformation of the aluminum alloy profiles due to the influence of air, rain and sunlight when used, and may even cause the glass to break and fall off.