When you want to get your lovely extrusion profiles:

Firstly, we need the CAD drawings and samples of your aluminum profiles for reference. We need CAD drawings that we can see the size of your industrial profiles exactly; But if you can send us some piece of your aluminum section products, we can make the aluminum profiles CAD drawings free for you and produce perfectly the same profiles as your requirement.

Secondly, you can tell us the surface treatment you need, also to tell us the length, quantity, even the application for your aluminum profiles. Then we can give you a quotation by weight or by meter.

Thirdly, when you pay the die cost, we will prepare to open the aluminum molds and your profiles will start producing.

At our warehouse of aluminum ingot, they are absolute the pure ingots. The difference between each ingot is the alloy composition and content, it depends on what kind of aluminum profiles you need. Different profiles will use for various situations, such as indoor, out door, high place, industrial, furniture and so on. In different scenarios you will have different demands on your aluminum profiles, like the thickness, the length, the hardness and so on. But don’t worry, our aluminum machine will meet any of your needs, including the deep processing.

Selecting the nice aluminum bar, it will be put into a hot shear and cut in several parts. Our employees who are in charge of the extrusion machines will push the finished shear bar into our big extrusion machine. Before extrusion, your aluminum molds will be heated to the same temperature as the aluminum rods in case the temperature differences cause the molds to burst.

Later is the extrusion parts, your manufacture aluminum profiles will be extruded out from the extrusion machine. When you need the temper 5, we can let your profiles cool by air; When you need the T6, then it will cool by water.

On the platform of the extrusion machine, your profiles will be cut into the length you need. Our length tolerance is ±5MM. When your standard profiles have been extruded and cut, they will be carried to the aluminum aging oven to increase the hardness for four hours.

Then, your profiles will experience an important part — surface treatment.

① If your profiles are anodized profiles, the mill finished profiles will be sent to the oxidation tank for anodizing. Before anodizing, the profiles need to be washed first, including the use of chemical cleaning to remove impurities such as oil on the surface of the aluminum profile, so that your aluminum profile will be more beautiful when surface finished. Generally, our anodized lines are horizontal. We use the power clamp or aluminum wire to fix your profiles, then they will be put into the anodized tank for anodizing.

② For the powder coating aluminum profiles, we will transfer the mill finish aluminum profiles to our coating workshop. In our coating workshop, there are many tanks. Same like the anodizing, the powder coating also need to pass the washing steps. In addition, before the process of coating, the profiles have to be dried first to keep clean before coating.

About the coating lines, we have the famous big vertical line and horizontal line. We hang your profile on the vertical coating line or fix to the horizontal line, then your profile will be evenly and effectively coated. After the aluminum profiles are coated with powder, they will pass a dry oven to let the powder perfectly attached, making the powder surface more delicate.

③ If you like the transfer wood grain aluminum profiles, you will see the process as followed:

The profile will be sprayed the base color first, wrapped by the wood grain paper and put into a transparent film. Then, we pump out the air in the transparent film to stick the wood grain paper against the profile. Last step, we send the profiles into the oven, which is about 160-180 degrees, for over half an hour, the complete process done.

④ About the sand blasting aluminum profiles, your profile will pass a special large machine to be sprayed with glass sand or steel sand to make matte surface.

Sir, if you buy aluminum profiles from our aluminum metal factory, you will be never worry about the quality. Because before mass production, we will send you the samples to check and after your confirmation, we will start production. At any step of producing, we will check the profiles and pick out the inferior-quality products. Except that, we can also do the bending, cutting and CNC machining for aluminum profiles. Usually, we make the ODM&OEM to meet different customers different needs.

Quality is life, customers first.