At the loading platform, we load the goods into containers here.

The first room we enter is our warehouse. After production, your goods will be packed and stored here. As you can see, so many aluminum profiles for our customers are stored here. We have large production capacity. We manufacture at least 25,000 tons each month.

And this is the packing workshop. Before loading, the aluminum profiles need to be packed for protection. We lay the aluminum profile on the packing table and stick with protective film. And then we put on the “heat shrink”.

Aluminum Factory

This is the vertical line for powder coating. As you can see, we lay the aluminum profiles on the equipment. We hang on the profile through its  small hole on the top. And the worker who is in charge of the vertical line will hang the profiles one by one. After hanging finished, the profiles will be slowly transported by the machine to the end of the vertical line — “the coating room”. In the coating house, the aluminium will be sprayed with beautiful surface as you like.

This is the transfer wood grain workshop. There are two work lines for production. Let me introduce the steps for wood grain. At first, we will let the profiles coat the background color as you request, and wrap it with transfer paper then put it in a plastic sleeve. After these steps, we will drain the air of the plastic sleeves to let the transfer paper stick firmly with the profiles. The last step, we put the profiles in the oven under the temperature around 180℃ for 30minutes. These are the main steps for wood grain.

This is the warehouse of our moulds. Before production, we will make the moulds and they have to be checked and confirmed by the customers. Many types of molds of our customers are stored here.

This is the anodized workshop. On the top is the anodized, washing and electrophoresis tanks. We fixed the profiles below, and then the machine will take them to the tanks for washing, cleaning, anodizing or electrophoresis.

These two machines are for sand blasting. This one for steel blasting, and the other one for glass blasting.

This equipment is the polishing machine. Our polishing machine is high-end and in high quality. It can perfectly produce polished surface.

This is our horizontal line for powder coating. Different from the vertical line, they won’t have small hole on the head. The profiles on horizontal line are fixed by small metal clamps, there is a mark cased by metal clamps or fixed line.

This is our melting workshop. There are five equipment. All ingots in our factory are pure, and the aluminum rods are melt without any scrap material to ensure the quality.

This is our extrusion workshop. There are 11 extrusion lines in total. We put the aluminum profile molds into the extrusion machine, and put the aluminum bar in hot shear to cut into small pieces. Then we’re going to push these small pieces into the extruder through the mold and form into the shape as you request.

This is our aging workshop. There are two aging ovens. When the profiles are extruded out, we need to put them into the aging oven to increase their hardness.

Now we have finished visiting all the workshops of our factory. Let’s back to our office and take a break.