Introduction of the Knowledge of Connectors for Industrial Aluminum Profile Accessories

Industrial aluminum profile accessories can be divided into connectors, fasteners, decorative accessories and assembly accessories. And what accessories are called connectors? Let’s see the introductions as below:

Among industrial aluminum profile accessories, there are many connectors, including straight connectors, angle slot connectors and channel strip connectors. Their specifications range from 2020 profiles to 4545 profiles. Three-dimensional angle connector, built-in connector, angled connector, L-type connection plate, T-type connection plate, all these accessories use connectors without distinguishing between European standards and national standards. The specifications of these connectors range from 3030 profiles to 4545 profiles, according to the sizes of the selected profiles.

Right angle connectors refer to corner pieces/codes, made of die-cast aluminum and bolts and nuts. Its specifications range from 2020 profiles to 9090 profiles, also in accord with the selected profiles. The machined right-angle bracket is made of extruded aluminum, which has high strength and load-bearing capacity. It can be cut into any length and size. Its connecting frame should also match the bolts and nuts, which are completely different from the bolts and nuts used in the upper corners.

As mentioned above, built-in connections and anchor connection pins require holes in the profile at designated locations to connect. The use of such connectors is also known as invisible connections. Angle connectors are available in 45 degree angle pieces and 135 degree angle pieces. Its material is also extruded aluminum, which has high connection strength and strong load-bearing capacity. These two connectors can only be used if there are angle requirements.