Main factors causing industrial aluminum profiles to be black

Industrial aluminum profiles are an alloy material with aluminum as the main content. Aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes are obtained by hot-melting and extruding aluminum rods. However, the proportions of the added alloys are different.

Industrial aluminum profiles are indispensable in modern house construction. Industrial aluminum profiles can be used for all aluminum profiles except building doors, windows, curtain walls, indoor and outdoor decorations, and aluminum profiles for building structures.

After the surface of industrial aluminum profiles has been oxidized, they have a very beautiful appearance. When assembled into products, aluminum profile accessories are used, which do not require welding, are more environmentally friendly, and are most convenient to install, disassemble, carry, and move. They are widely used in automated machinery and equipment, enclosures skeleton, assembly line conveyor belts, elevators, dispensing machines, testing equipment, etc.

We all know that industrial aluminum profiles have the advantage of not being easily oxidized and blackened compared to previous stainless steel, but sometimes they can also turn black due to our improper use.

The following aluminum profile manufacturers have summarized several reasons why it is easy to turn black:

  1. External factors. Because aluminum is an active metal, it is easy to oxidize, turn black or become moldy under certain humidity and temperature conditions.
  2. Because the cleaning agent is highly corrosive, if used improperly, it will cause corrosion and oxidation of aluminum profiles.
  3. Improper handling of aluminum alloy materials after cleaning or pressure inspection creates conditions for mold and accelerates the formation of mold.
  4. Many manufacturers do not do any cleaning treatment after the processing procedure, or the cleaning is not thorough, which will leave some corrosive substances remaining on the surface, which will accelerate the growth of mold spots on the aluminum profiles.
  5. Different storage heights in warehouses can also cause oxidation and mold.