Production introduction of industrial aluminum

The industrial aluminum profile is an industrial frame profile produced by heating the aluminum rod through the extrusion mold. And the aluminum rod is melted through the aluminum ingots, which is called the industrial aluminum profile raw materials; The quality of raw materials will directly affect the performance of industrial aluminum products.

We should control the temperature when do the heating treatment of aluminum rod. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will directly affect the hardness of the finished product. So the temperature must be strictly controlled during the heating and cooling process.

Industrial aluminum profile is the final product of aluminum rod extruded by heating through the molds, and the molds are designed according to the demand with high precision specifications, used for extruding the required profile products.

The speed of extrusion is a fundamental and critical process factor for production, it must be carefully controlled during the extrusion process.

The straightness affects the use of aluminum profiles, so the straightness of aluminum profiles is one of the important standards for the quality of aluminum profiles. Generally, the extruded profiles need to be straightened for ensuring the straightness.
When the aluminum profiles are extruded from the machine, them have low hardness before aging and cannot be used as finished products. So in general, they must be aged to improve strength.
In addition, To increase its hardness, for the T5, we usually let the aluminum profile cooling by air; For the T6, we normally cooling it by water.

Generally the surface of aluminum industrial profiles is anodized silver, with this treatment, the profiles will be elegant, beautiful and corrosion resistance. Then after cooling, straighten and cutting, the aluminum extrusion part complete.