The Functions of Aluminum Profile Trial Molds

When extruding aluminum profiles, you first need to conduct a trial mold. What is a trial mold? Let’s follow the editor to understand the use of aluminum profile trial molds from the following points.

  1. In order to extend the processing operation time, it is necessary to preheat the hydraulic oil temperature first, so that the melt temperature can also be stabilized.
  2. In order to adjust the operation of the extruder, aluminum profile products usually have a certain shrinkage rate. Refer to the maximum and minimum values of the product size to adjust the extruder. If the numerical deviation is too large, you can adjust the size of the gate. to operate.
  3. The deviation in the size of each mold cavity can be corrected. If the size of the mold cavity and the door can be aligned, it can be modified by adjusting the filling speed and frequency of the aluminum profile extruder or the temperature of the mold. At the same time, carefully check whether there is any The filling speed of the mold cavity has not kept up.
  4. Check whether the position of the mold cavity or mold core has moved. You can also check whether the mold filling rate is uniform and whether the mold temperature is constant. If there are any abnormalities, make timely corrections.
  5. Check the working condition of the aluminum profile extruder at any time, and check whether there are any abnormalities in the oil pump, valves and temperature control parts. Abnormalities in all links will cause problems for our processing. If there is a problem with the extruder, even if the mold Under normal circumstances, it will also affect the normal progress of extrusion work and have an impact on our production.