The Functions of Different Holes on Industrial Aluminum Profiles

No matter what specification of industrial aluminum profile it is, there are holes of various sizes on its cross-section. So what are the functions of these holes? Let’s learn about it together.

Function 1: Save costs

If the holes in the profile section are replaced with solid ones, there will not be much difference in load-bearing capacity, but the price will be quite different. Therefore, if the load-bearing is not affected, opening holes can save costs.

Function 2: Convenient extrusion processing

We know that aluminum profiles are extruded profiles, which are extruded from aluminum rods through a die. If there are no holes in the cross section, it cannot be extruded.

Function 3: To install accessories

Tapping threads on the profile holes can be used to install accessories such as hoof feet and casters.

Function 4: Distinguish specifications

Profiles of different specifications have different cross-sections, including the location of the holes, the size of the holes, the shape of the holes, etc. With these characteristics, it is easy to distinguish which specifications of the profiles.