The Resistance Ability of Aluminum Window and Door

Aluminium is first and foremost a very solid and resistant material, despite its lightness. This characteristic makes it a particularly suitable metal for building window and door frames: aluminium frames are able to withstand sunlight and the most violent atmospheric conditions very well.

Aluminium is also resistant to the signs of time: after years and years, it will be virtually impossible to notice any signs of wear and tear on aluminium frames. Aluminium windows and doors are also extremely resistant to corrosion and oxidation. They are therefore also perfect for use in marine environments, where other types of material might suffer excessively from saltiness.

The solidity and versatility of aluminium make it a suitable material even for large windows: there will be no need for steel reinforcements or other compromises, because aluminium is strong enough to support glazing even much larger than 250 cm in width and/or length.

These large windows can hardly be realized with PVC windows, unless steel reinforcements are inserted, which risks compromising thermal insulation. Furthermore, the continuous expansion of PVC due to temperature differences causes a progressive deterioration of the window itself, which is even more evident with large windows.