Thermal insulation and energy saving for aluminum profile

Windows and doors must also be able to guarantee outstanding thermal insulation to be truly effective. In fact, thanks to thermal break technology, aluminium guarantees absolutely satisfactory performance also in terms of insulation.

The ‘thermal break’ is a highly insulating material of the latest generation – generally polyamide – that is inserted inside the window frame, thus allowing non-conductivity of the temperature between the outside and inside. This means that the cold temperature outside will not contaminate the warm temperature inside the house (and the other way around), and the annoying condensation on the window pane will not occur. Eliminating the problem of condensation also eliminates the possibility of mould forming on the windows, which greatly improves the overall healthiness of the house.

Some high quality aluminium windows and doors are equipped with HES (High Energy Saving) technology, which guarantees maximum performance in terms of thermal insulation. As the name suggests, the advantage of HES technology lies in energy saving: by insulating the internal temperature from the external temperature in an excellent manner, the costs of heating the house in winter and cooling it in summer can be considerably reduced.