What are the extrusion methods for aluminum profiles?

A brief description of extrusion method for aluminum profile processing
Aluminum processing is a very important technology, when the aluminum processing also need to consider many issues, for users, consider the process should be considered the most is the operation method, because the choice of different aspects of the extrusion effect is not the same as that of industrial aluminum production the manufacturers give you about processing aluminum extrusion method.
Aluminum extrusion
1. according to the direction of extrusion: can be divided into forward extrusion, reverse extrusion, lateral extrusion.
2. according to deformation characteristics: plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, general three-dimensional deformation extrusion.
3. according to the state of lubrication: no lubrication, extrusion, lubrication, extrusion, glass lubrication, extrusion, ideal lubrication extrusion (hydrostatic extrusion).
4. according to the extrusion temperature: cold extrusion, warm extrusion, hot extrusion.
5. according to the type of mold or mold structure is divided into: flat die extrusion, cone die extrusion, split die press, with punch extrusion.
6. according to the blank shape or the number of points: bar extrusion, tube extrusion, solid aluminum extrusion, hollow aluminum extrusion, single section aluminum extrusion, extrusion products (single hole extrusion), extrusion products (porous extrusion).
7. according to equipment types: vertical extrusion, horizontal extrusion, continuous extrusion.