What are the purposes and features of frame aluminum profiles?

Application of frame aluminum profile:
1. mechanical frame structure and all kinds of parts connection;
2. worktable, industrial assembly line, conveyor belt;
3. small automatic equipment and non-standard electromechanical equipment;
4. Industrial Inspection and inspection and safety protection system;
5. assembly line of electronic and auto parts;
6. chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, food, cleaning and other equipment;
7. commercial exhibition, outdoor advertising and stage settings, etc.;
8. industrial fence, protective cover, all kinds of frames;
What are the features of the profiles of frame aluminum profiles?
1. the use of a wide range: applicable to machine frames, stents and doors, industrial automation equipment, factories and offices table, shelves, containers, ladders and so on.
2. the construction is convenient: modular and multi-functional, without complex design and processing, you can quickly frame the ideal mechanical equipment coat.
3. beautiful and practical shape: light quality and high stiffness, concise appearance, no paint.
4. scalability: unique T type, groove design, the installation of components without dismantling sections, you can install nuts and bolts in any place, refitting equipment is simple and quick.