What reasons will affect the yield of aluminum extrusion products? (2)

1. Standardized process operations are a strong guarantee for improving the yield rate. It is necessary to strictly implement “no production if the three temperatures do not meet the standards”, do not move the center of the mold, and ensure appropriate startup speed. The cutting rod should not be too long to ensure that the process waste meets the specification requirements.

2. Machine personnel must have a strong sense of quality and good comprehensive skills, strengthen self-inspection of each process, prevent the generation of batches of unqualified waste, and ensure that “unqualified products will not be produced, and unqualified products will not flow into the next process” and standardize operations. Handle it with care to avoid any scratches or scratches on the product.

3. The length of the saw material must be accurate. To ensure accurate sizing, pay attention to the sizing baffle not to move and the material head to be in place every time you saw.

4. Reasonable framing can avoid crushing and is an effective way to improve the yield rate: According to the different shapes and wall thicknesses of the products, adopt a framing method of layering and increasing the number of spacers on each layer to avoid product crushing.